Wisebirds: Meditation, Regenerative Culture, Ecofeminism: Dido Dunlop

Inner Work to Build a Life in Accord with Nature

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Meditations for our Inner and Outer climate

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gt cover3944 2Green Tara, Mother of the Forest

a workbook







Twenty-One Taras

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We have six pamphlets available. They are collections of transcripts from guided meditations given by Dido in group sessions.  Some have brief introductions; some no introduction. If you have questions about how to practise with these texts, contact Dido.

The first four below are open to anyone:

Refuge Meditations

Meditations on the Elements

Green Tara Introductory Meditations: a small introductory set of meditations

The following two are available to those who have the empowerment to practise these deities.

White Tara Long Life Practice

Twenty-one Taras: the Four Wisdoms

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