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Dakini Dancers

Five Dancing Wisdom Dakinis or skydancers

These are Buddhist archetypes for uncovering and enlivening the natural self beyond ego, who dances in sky-like mind.


The dakinis, or skydancers, help us explore who we are. No more low self-esteem! Dakinis build a full-power, empowered self, who dances through life. We’re not a fixed static self, we’re the dance of elemental forces in space.

Dakinis show us our beauty, joy and wildness; how to be the power of compassion so we meet suffering with love; be the power of our suffering so we can transform it into wisdom. They show us a self who can laugh and growl, embrace both terrible and wonderful sides of life; active and peaceful at once, stillness in dance

We explore the Goddess and the feminine in Buddhism; and the ‘engaged Buddhist’ dakini – they strengthen our bodhisattva intent, to relieve the suffering of the world as well as our own.

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The dakini shows us our natural human self, dancing through life, responding to all that we meet with vitality and com-passion. She is the wild wise one within us, naked and free.

The nature of the dakini is the same as all nature. She is a form who arises with all other forms in the void. awakening is being in our natural state. the dakini shows us how we can be that in full power

We cannot know the natural mind with our intellect; we sense it with other faculties. Dakini perceives natural mind with the intuitive insight at the edge of consciousness.

Dakini is also the Great Mother void in whom she dances: she is both void and form, at once.

Here she dances with a wise parrot, who lives in wild nature. We fly to enlightenment like a bird, with two wings, wisdom and compassion. The bird’s eyes are our awareness, to develop aware wise love.

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