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Inner Work to Build a Life in Accord with Nature

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Climate change, peak oil and economic collapse, environmental devastation, are challenging us with all kinds of difficulties. Buddhism’s ancient traditions bring us profound and extensive help for the crisis times we’re in today. Buddhist teachings can be applied in every aspect of what we need to do, both inner and outer.
On the inner, we develop our strengths, and transform our fears and pain into compassionate wise action. On the outer, we find clear wisdom for social change, everything from potilical activism to relating with nature, creating ecovillages and transition towns.

This is Engaged Buddhism. What I teach may look different, experimental and Western; it doesn’t always appear in a traditional Tibetan form. For our times, it can be helpful for many people to practice in ways that help us understand how we can apply the teachings to our ‘ordinary’ life – and discover how extraordinary it is.

The work opens doorways to the Great Mother, who in Buddhism is represented by Prajnaparamita, the goddess of primordial wisdom, ground of being,  Great Mother.

Tibetan Buddhism is a life-affirming style of practice. Its teachings have been passed on in unbroken lineage of practice for thousands of years


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Tibetan Buddhism for Our Times


Tibetan Buddhism gives us methods to practise and deeply embody a life-affirming way to live.

These methods include broad and varied ways of working.

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