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Great Mother

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Great Mother according to Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism has a living tradition of one goddess, and many. The Great Mother is the all-encompassing primordial ground of being, Mother of all Buddhas Prajnaparamita. Then there are many goddesses, or dakinis, who embody various ways of manifesting enlightened wisdom in the world – peaceful, healing, energetic, constructively angry.

The present moment of awareness is called the Mother of all Enlightened ones. It gives a space for realising our natural state. Moments of insight, the energy pathways in the body, are called the dakini.

Dido has worked with many of these dakinis or goddesses, in their traditional forms of practice. She offers creative ways of working with them, in meditation and ritual, taking them to depth, so that insight into the nature of the Great Mother can arise.

Our body, breath and mind are part of the universal mind. Practises of awareness help us meet this Great Mother. She is immanent in all things, and each one of us is a deity.

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