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Nature Goddesses

Goddesses, Matriarchs or Grandmothers – forces of nature

These goddesses are my latest efforts to express the powers of Nature that are so present in my life.

I reckon we need to feel deeply connected with Mother Nature if we are to find a good way through this climate emergency. I often hear people say Mother Nature is angry with us and wants to scrape us off because we’re so bad. I can’t see how our mother would want to get rid of us, her children. I believe nature is good, wise and beautiful, and as her children we inherit that wise nature. These grandmothers I made speak of the wisdom and caring of Mother Nature.They care for us, and we also need to care for them.

The goddesses I’ve made watch over realms where we especially need to pay attention now, like Living Soil, and Plankton.


Mother earth gives life to all of us and nurtures us.


Living soil goddess could save the planet. She holds water. She’s full of worms and bugs. She grows things better. Pesticides destroy the living soil, kill the bugs. When we compost and make living soil, it don’t need pesticides. Permaculture helps.

Deep Ocean 


Plankton goddess provides us with half the oxygen we breathe. At present plankton is at 40% of what it should be, as the oceans warm and acidify.



I made her during the Australian fires. She has to be powerful in this time, to bring fire back into balance. Too much fire is causing our climate emergency. We’re putting out too much heat by burning fossil fuels. Fire is beautiful when it’s not out of control. She cares for the fire in our hearts, and helps that not to get in a big conflagration. She works to balance, to give us a sense that the fire in our hearts can be joyous.

Sky goddess is clear blue. Our atmosphere is in a mess. She purifies the air.








Lady of the beasts has a kangaroo and a platypus. Animals are in peril, with mass extinctions.

Realms Within Us: also part of Nature

Some goddesses are for our mind and heart. They are also Mother Nature’s creation.

We tend to think of living nature as what we can see and touch, like trees. The ones that are not physical are part of living nature as well. We human beings are part of living nature: our emotions, deep unconscious, our creativity, inspiration and vision.


Creativity goddess we need her, to imagine what a regenerative world could be like, and she helps us create it.




Night shadow is internal night as well as external: the realm of dreams and despair. With climate emergency we need to embrace that, feel it as a force that cares for us. This goddess cares for the dark in our emotions as well as the dark of night.

Goddess of the Deep unconscious

 our resource and support for helping and part of living nature.

Goddess of Interdependence

is the way Mother Nature operates. She’s the central principle on which we need to build our regenerative culture.


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