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Inner Work to Build a Life in Accord with Nature

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In our present climate emergency, it’s imperative that we restore our heartfelt sense of connection with nature. If we wreck her, we all go down with her. If we love and care for her, we have a chance of a long-term future.





To draw on the power and wisdom of Nature, we  develop our connection with her. Most of us innately feel the spiritual power of nature; how can  it can become a force that supports our work in the world?

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Often we don’t know how to integrate the spiritual feeling we get in nature, how to draw on the healing and regeneration, and take it back into our lives.

Nature is a great healer. We go to a beach or forest to clear our heads, and find a good space from which to begin again. The peace we find in nature restores our sense of being alive. Fresh, luscious, profund. We are part of nature. Our blood is salty as ocean, we are made of the same water, earth, air and heat, the same molecules and space.

Through meditation we can find that peace and beauty within ourself as well. Our mind becomes like a clear pool at dawn, our wisdom the wisdom of forest trees. The ‘natural state’ is one description of the awakened state in Buddhism.

This is the spirit of our time.

We urgently need to feel this power of nature within us, and our connection and unity with nature around us, so we can care for our planet as if it were our self. For healing our planet, as well as our own lives.

In our meditation, we find through the power of nature the same profound union as the meditation is designed to lead us to.

This work can be helpful for activists and people working with the environment, sustainable lifestyles and so on, to connect our spiritual life and practical work with nature.


My Buddhist training involved depth work with the elements, as a way to understand that we are inextricably part of all nature, made out of the same forces. Buddhism teaches that we are all interconnected, and nature’s ecosystems demonstrate how this works.

women and naturegrn sct mine1765

Many people now understand that we and our ecosystem are inseparably linked. 

Nature and women have become linked in our minds. Nature’s ecosystems have been felt as life-giving Mother. Women can proudly identify with nature.

Nature teaches us about supporting life, connectedness and beauty. Can Mother Nature help us create sustainability and integration?

To create healthy culture change, we need to value these ‘feminine’ ways of operating.

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