Wisebirds: Meditation, Regenerative Culture, Ecofeminism: Dido Dunlop

Inner Work to Build a Life in Accord with Nature

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For Our Inner and Outer Climate

We modern people need to change the way we live.
The way we live is wrecking Mother Nature, source of all life.
We’re ruining nature’s biodiversity and our climate.
As the climate around us becomes more disturbed,
does your heart’s climate also become troubled?

We can live a healthier way
And create together with Mother Nature
A Culture that honours Life.

To calm the planetary tornadoes, typhoons and tycoons,
we must heal our heart’s climate too.
Our inner and outer climate work together.

Inner climate
We need to stop relying on fossil fuels, to arrest climate breakdown
to do this, we must change our hearts, inner attitudes, and values
This is a big challenge

creative imagination, visioning and meditation, are great tools for this
Can meditation help our fears and frustrations about the climate catastrophe?
How can we draw on our natural wisdom, to persevere?
Can meditation help us build strengths and skills to meet this future?
Could we be happier that way?

Outer climate
Can we build together a regenerative culture for a healthy future?
What would our society look like if we base it on caring for life?
What can we learn from Mother Nature and indigenous wisdom?
Can Buddhism help?

Many people are working on this.
Here, we are finding our inner strengths
And building our communities, to care for Life and Mother Nature

Our Recipe
Care for life, Love, Mothering
We are part of Mother Nature
We are good by nature
Deep mind
Great Mother