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Transition Towns

Transition towns

I was involved in setting up one of the first Transition towns in New Zealand, in Kaiwaka. Now I’ve returned to be part of Lower Hutt Transition.  I think Transition towns are one of our most inspiring models for the way forward; the idea is to get a whole local community, smaller or larger, to cooperate together to develop a resilient community. Local food, transport, and many other practical matters are the commonest work of Transition communities. I became a Transition Towns trainer. 

Inner Transition: the Jewel in the Crown

The most special thing about it for me is that inner transition is recognised as an integral part of developing resilience. They call it Heart and Soul. I work mostly in this area. For outer change to take a lasting hold, we also need to transform our attitudes, beliefs, values and priorities. 

This work has many areas: it includes home groups, to share the emotional side of the process of shifting our values, and share our achievements ad difficulties in a supportive group. It uses the work of Joanna Macy, to help find the love and care beneath the tumult of fear, anger, grief and other emotions, so we can act effectively for change.

Women in Transition Wellington

our group has been working for years on inner transition, and issues like women’s leadership.


In Kaiwaka I led an ecomeditation group as part of Heart and Soul; at Turanga Farm we also have a meditation group. Meditation provides an opportunity to do this inner work at the deepest most intimate level. 

Hutt Transition

Hutt Transition Towns is increasingly active, having maintained a presence since the beginning of the movement about 2006.

a few things we’re doing are:

Many of us are involved in the environmental Advisory Group for the Hutt City Council, concentrating on the climate emergency and building community: an interesting adventure.

We’re opening up work on Heart and Soul, the inner work of Transition. this becomes more needed as the emergency deepens.

Timebank, food projects and other things are also part of our work.

We hosted Guy MacPherson and Jennifer Hynes who both gave talks on the climate emergency.