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About Us

We practise to embody a life-affirming way of living, to develop resilience in our times of climate crisis, in every part of our life: in our inner personal growth, and how we build community around us.


Our people

Our members practise in ongoing longstanding groups all over the world. Through group interaction and sharing, we apply our work in daily life and relationships, and inspire and support each other. This develops close relationships among group members, that often become lifelong friendships.

Dido, the main teacher and facilitator, is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

No live groups meet in Wellington at present. We zoom. We’re scattered in small groups in New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, so we haven’t set up a physical centre anywhere. Two groups for chronic fatigue sufferers in Oxford, England have met weekly for 23 years.

Other ongoing work is with individuals right now. We mainly work in long-term Women’s groups, and Ecobuddhism with climate activists and ecovillagers.

This is pioneering, experimental work.

We approach our work in a pioneering spirit, to develop ways we can create a lasting resilient way of life on this planet, in these times of climate change. buddhist practice can be enormously helpful for this.

Our groups are built around sharing, about our meditation experience and related life issues. From the sharing, we understand more about what works for us. We apply the teachings in experimental ways, to find ways to practise for us as modern ‘westerners.’ For example we often use nature imagery rather than traditional Tibetan imagery. My first two teachers trained me this way.

Jangchub Ling, Centre for awakening, is the name Adzom Paylo Rinpoche gave our group.

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