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Inner Work to Build a Life in Accord with Nature

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What does a regenerative world look like?


Can we create regenerative culture in our heart and spirit?


Regenerative Community?


How might we live a lifestyle that’s healthy, regenerative and sustainable, into our very rocky future?

Patriarchy, capitalism and neoliberalism are destroying our planet. We need to create a different culture, based on our interconnectedness with each other and with Nature.

How we can embody in our own experience this regenerative way to live?

To understand the idea is just a start. To make it work, we must transform the way we live, both in what we do and in our hearts and minds.

Here we explore how to cooperate with nature, and model our communities on Mother Nature’s ecosystems. Mother Nature operates on mothering values. This paradigm is also called partnership, as opposed to the dominator model we have now. Humanity needs to make this paradigm shift, to build a healthy sustainable future,

How can this co-operative paradigm can be the basis for creative living and relating?

Inner work is an essential part of building a regenerative culture, to meet the challenges of our times, especially the Climate Emergency. Inner work such as Meditation can directly contribute to building community around us.

Resources to help you explore how to embody a life to heal the planet:

Meditation soundtracks



Online Courses

Skype sessions, group or one to one – arrange with Dido

– personal transformation

– community building

– shifting to the partnership model for a regenerative future

Our true nature is the same as all Nature. Huge, wild, beautiful.

Our nature is to dance full-hearted in the vastness of sky-like mind, in which all things live.

We can awaken to the primordial wisdom within us, in every moment of our life.


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