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Round the dinner table every day my family discussed ways to create a better world. Educate girls, give politicians psychoanalysis, get women into parliament, eat organic food, make compost, go solar, and much more. From childhood I was conscious of environmental degradation, and then the climate emergency.

I’ve spent my life trying out many such ways. I worked as an art therapist. I practised Tibetan Buddhism for 45 years, and have taught most of that time. I reckoned Buddhism could change our culture around. I trained in counselling, group work and facilitation, and in the arts. I lived for many years in ecovillages and other communities, and I’m involved in building community for my local Transition Town. I specialise in the work of Inner Transition, and social permaculture. In everything I do, I’m aware the climate emergency is coming upon us, and we need to live a different way, very soon indeed.

I took myself and my life as a practice ground. I shaped myself like a piece of clay, tried to find shapes that might work, in my own bodily experience. Like what I did with the clay ‘goddesses’ you can see here. I asked myself, what shapes would be good for my happiness, and the world’s happiness? I see those as the same. What I did was often unusual. I experimented, tried things out.

My kind of mind links all kinds of things together into an overall pattern and vision. On this website you can see the different areas I’ve put together so we can create a different world. I’ve led workshops and meditation groups in all these areas.


How to embody a life-affirming way of living, to develop resilience in our times of climate crisis, in every part of our life: in our inner personal growth, and how we build community around us?

This is pioneering, experimental work.

We explore this project in a range of areas, woven together. Each area brings out different aspects of the life-affirming culture we are building.

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Tibetan Buddhism for Our Times


Tibetan Buddhism gives us methods to practise and deeply embody a life-affirming way to live.

These methods include broad and varied ways of working.






To draw on the power and wisdom of Nature, we  develop our connection with her. Most of us innately feel the spiritual power of nature; how can  it can become a force that supports our work in the world?


10 weathers - V2

Storm-weathering: Riding the storms of difficult emotions



All weathers

Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects

This work integrates painful and difficult emotions. We may not immediately think they are life-affirming; miseries may seem depressing life-denying feelings. Why would we worry and become depressed about our life or about the world, if we really didn’t care? We practise ways to transform them into the love and caring they actually are.

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 Great Mother


 Making daily life sacred



Our work empowers women to value our wisdom and strengths, and know that we have an important contribution to make to our world. Women’s wisdom and the values associated with women are the basis of our life-affirming paradigm. Ecofeminism points this out.

Vision of the Paradigm

Nature’s ecosystems, permaculture, indigenous cultures, are patterned on egalitarian, peaceful, cooperative ways to live.



Social permaculture


Transition towns

This  work puts into practice our life-affirming way of life, in building community.

Our members practise in ongoing groups all over the world. Through group interaction and sharing, we apply our work in daily life and relationships, and inspire and support each other. This develops close relationships among group members, that often become lifelong friendships.

Dido, the teacher and facilitator, is based in Wellington, New Zealand. She works with groups in other places, or one to one, by skype or phone.

Dido approaches her work in a pioneering spirit, to develop ways we can create a lasting resilient way of life on this planet, in these times of climate change.


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