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This  work puts into practice our life-affirming way of life, in building community.

Ecovillage Communities

For last eight years I lived in ecovillage communities near Auckland, New Zealand. i hope to do so again in the future.

i discovered that beautiful permaculture gardens, earth and straw-bale houses, are not the only important part of an eco-community. It’s the people who make community work. I and others over the four years concentrated most on the community-building side of things. We wanted to foster relationships that work well, so we can work together, and cooperate.

We set up communication agreements, a fairly demanding entry process, process meetings for dealing with the interpersonal and emotional sides, four skill-building days a year where we improve our interpersonal skills in various ways. We wrote into our core principles our commitment to shifting from Dominator to Partnership modes. That gives us a clear model for our work in the Great Turning.

I’ve lived and worked in communities and cooperatives all my adult life. I strongly feel it’s the way of the future. We hope what we learned in our commuity will contribute to the wider picture of how to do this. It’s so different from the way most of us were brought up.queen b2525

For further information contact Dido Dunlop at dido@wisebirds.org

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